Brian and Nicolina


Brian and Nicolina’s wedding was so so fun for Kelsey, my second shooter, and I to be a part of. They’re the kind of couple that you see them together and you just know that they make each other better. Whoop, whoop! Their day took place at the Stone Mill Inn with a country chic look and a cozy summer feel. They also had quite possibly the cutest ring bearer in well, the history of ever. At the wedding, I may have embarrassed myself thoroughly, falling off of a foldable chair during family photos… twice. I’m hoping everyone has forgotten about this at this point in time.

Annnnnyyyyways… BEHOLD! Please enjoy some of the team’s favorite images of B and N’s day!


 photo storyboard040.jpg photo storyboard041.jpg photo storyboard042.jpg photo storyboard043.jpg photo storyboard044.jpg photo storyboard045.jpg photo storyboard046.jpg photo storyboard047.jpg photo storyboard048_1.jpg photo storyboard049.jpg photo storyboard050.jpg photo storyboard051.jpg photo storyboard052.jpg photo storyboard053.jpg photo storyboard054.jpg photo storyboard055.jpg photo storyboard056.jpg photo storyboard057.jpg photo storyboard058_1.jpg photo storyboard059.jpg photo storyboard060.jpg photo storyboard061.jpg photo storyboard062.jpg photo storyboard063.jpg photo storyboard064.jpg photo storyboard065.jpg photo storyboard066.jpg photo storyboard067_1.jpg photo storyboard068.jpg photo storyboard069.jpg photo storyboard070.jpg photo storyboard071.jpg photo storyboard072.jpg

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