Cody and Sierra


Cody and Sierra were such a dream to photograph! Sierra is an aspiring photographer, and one of the few I’ve met that are super comfortable both behind AND in front of it. She contacted me to take some fun photos of her and her boyfriend back when I was running a mini-shoot promo. All of Sierras thrifted suitcases, cameras and accessories were the perfect combo for this vintage-styled shoot. Cody was such a sweet-heart, you only have to be around him for a few minutes to pick up on his genuine, kind, good-hearted personality. They duo compliment one another perfectly which is good because.. THEY JUST GOT ENGAGED! We were literally talking about their future plans at the shoot and then a few days later on FB I see the announcement! Cody must have been peeing his pants in excitement knowing he was about to propose while Sierra and I were having a girl-talk moment about it. I gotta give guys props- I don’t know how they are so good at keeping it a secret because I’m pretty sure I’d be bursting at the seems or doing some crazy dance to keep myself sane while people are asking me if an engagement is in the works. But then again, I suck at hiding my excitement/keeping secrets, ha ha!

Enjoy these vintage styled photos!

Meagan Nicole


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