Eric and Lisa – Engagement Session


A few times each season I luck out with the dreamiest weather conditions for the session I am photographing. This folks, was one of those times. The sunniest, melt your eyes dusk sunset graced a little walking trail by F&M College in Lancaster City for my engagement session with Eric and Lisa. They probably thought I was wing-bat crazy by the way I was geeking out over the images on my camera. But once they saw them, they totally joined me in my parade of happy dancing around in excitement! It’s rare when the weather syncs up with your ideal setting and creates the best canvas for photos. S’good.

Shortly after our engagement session last Summer, Eric and Lisa tied the knot in the most beautiful Fall wedding on October 11th, 2014. It was so fun getting to know them at this session and then later witnessing them make their life long commitment to love one another forever. I swear I tear up every time. One of the reasons we highly recommend booking a package that includes an engagement session (or adding on an engagement session) is because it gives us a chance to truly get to know you as a couple before your big day; It makes it so much more personal. We always have so much fun adventuring around taking photos of you, laughing and talking and getting to know how you interact with one another and in front of a camera. It’s the best way for us to prepare how to best capture you. Eric and Lisa were so adventurous and up for anything I asked them to do! It was great. And their pups were so adorable – I love the bond between a man and his pet, it’s so special. I understand it even better now since having my own first puppy. It was so sweet, at their wedding while we were walking around in between poses Eric and Lisa and I were gushing over dogs and training and newly married life. I love when clients feel like friends I’ve already known for awhile! And now.. I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves because well.. they’re amazing and some of my favorite to date.

xoxo, Meagan


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