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Hey brides-to-be!

While browsing the net, I saw a very interesting survey. NY Magazine asked more than a hundred brides what their biggest wedding mistakes were and what they could have done if they could turn back time and relive their big day!

Being in the photography business, my wife and I noticed that wedding photography (followed by flowers and cakes) was at the top of the list of what brides wish they spent more on.  Well, we can’t say we were surprised. We already talked with a lot of brides who have been disappointed with their wedding pictures. They wish they could have spent more time looking for the right wedding photographer for their wedding.

Now, I’m not suggesting you to go and look for the most expensive wedding photographer out there. The most important factor in getting a photographer is your compatibility. How compatible are you with the styles and preferred designs of each other? Regardless if you get a $1000 photographer or a $8000 photographer, it’s your wedding day and these images will be the only thing you have to relive your wedding years down the road.

Beyond style, it’s essential to some brides to get both his and her looks during the ceremony. Spending a little more money on a second photographer is important in this situation. One photographer is not enough to cover everything.  Two photographers is generally the sweet spot unless you have a guest list of 350+.  Then it may be reasonable to add more.

There are also other helpful (and funny) tips like “reapplying lipstick”, “the flowers in the bathroom”, and “not wasting time talking to people you don’t know.”

Check out the infographic attached below. Hope you learn something from this that you can apply with your wedding.

– Nick Fisher

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