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We are so thrilled to finally be sharing everything we’ve been working on the past few months. A fresh new website, logo(s), colors, brand and content/images! Oh.. and a fraaaking AWESOME team member- Tori Raads! Before you go scrolling through the deep vortex of our brand spankin’ new blog..let’s take care of some business! In honor of all the excitement we had a little special offer going on while waiting to launch the brand new MNP!

1. You had to “like” the select images posted on our Facebook fan-page.
2. Three winners were selected. Tori and I are feeling generous (and slightly over-joyed) so we decided to select three winners for EACH of us! Making six winners all together! WHOO!
3. The three (well six) lucky winners receive one of the following: 10, 15 and 20% off a session or wedding!
4. The coolest part.. YOU CAN GIFT YOUR WIN TO A FRIEND! If you know someone reaaally wanting to book a session or a fun couple planning a wedding, this is the perfect opportunity to help them out.

We put all the names in one of our favorite white + gold mugs, tossed it around and picked out the names! So let’s get to the stuff you’re all waiting for.. the WINNERS!

Meagans Winners: 1. Kara Horning (10%), 2. June Antes (15%), 3. Tawanda Snyder (20%)!

Toris Winners: 1. Sierra Woodworth (10%), 2. Courtney Keller (15%), 3. Amy C. Martin (20%)! 

CONGRATULATIONS! We are so excited you all entered and helped to make this new launch so special for us. We had over 76 entries and that is super cool. Y’all rock! If you’re a winner just head to our “contact” tab and give us a shout to claim your win! *Please select which photographer you won through, under the “photographer” tab on the contact form. Thanks!

Meg + Tori


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