The Hess Families


I’ve known the entire Hess family most of my life now. Jasmine and Bethany (sisters) have been just like older sisters to MY sister, Breanna and I. Their our mentors, prayer partners, encouragers, and even some of our first babysitters. Whenever we needed, they were there. Through breakups, make-ups, chick-flicks, adventures and wild dance parties. These girls are our solids. 🙂

Jasmine has an amazing son Austin (who one of my ring bearers!), and Bethany is married to Matt with two wonderful children Christian and Logan. I love them all so much as if they were my own family and am so thankful for their places in my life. We headed over to a local trail by Landis Valley on a sunny evening for some Christmas card photos! It’s always a blast photographing these fun people. What do you think?

Meagan Nicole

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