Josh and Carolyn| Wrightsville, PA


Every time that I get to photograph at Lauxmont Farms I am on cloud nine. This venue has so many different location options with rolling hills, horses, water, and scenery beyond scenery. You might remember Josh and Carolyn from this past January.. my blizzard wedding! If you missed it, have no fear! You can view HERE. A kind of fun tid bit: Carolyn was pregnant at their wedding on January 23rd, and had their little bundle of joy on July 9th, 2016! And now, one year later I am due with MY little man on January 20th. Last year I was shooting a wedding in a blizzard, and this year I will be giving birth to my son. Hopefully NOT in a blizzard, ha! Life is just too cool sometimes.

Since their wedding day got a little switched around with the pregnancy and blizzard, Carolyn and Josh decided to have an intimate wedding in January, and a big ole party with all of their friends this past May. We couldn’t stop laughing over their luck with weather. First they had their wedding on the COLDEST day of the year, and then their reception landed on our first HOTTEST day of the day. It goes to show that no matter how unpredictable life is, these two are the kinds of people you want by your side in those  moments. Josh and Carolyn never seemed phased. They were always so laid back, friendly, warm and fun. I’m a big fan of these two!

Also, this was the first wedding of the year that I photographed (knowingly) pregnant, so I’m going to blame it on the hormones, but does this food not look amazing!? I’m pretty sure I was like “GIVE ME ALL THE CHEEESE” to Jordan, my assistant for the day. And a taco bar? How fun! Love when couples fill their events with personable, fun touches.

Here are a few of my favorites from my time with them at their reception this past Spring!

Warmly | Meagan

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